OA Week

Camp Coker’s OA Week is unique to Santee Lodge. Reserved for members of the Order of the Arrow as well as those recently elected by members of their troop, OA Week is a golden opportunity to experience Santee spirit, render cheerful service, and also earn merit badges. The week culminates with Santee Lodge’s annual pageant and Summer Fellowship weekend.

OA WEEK:  July 14 – July 21, 2019


Act 1: Rainbow Crow  / Act 2: The Wematekan’is and the Hunter / Act 3: The Grasshopper War

Act 4: The Hunter and the Owl / Act 5: How the Spider Came To Be

Act 6: The Good-Looking Woman / Act 7: A Son’s Revenge

Act 8: Which One Do You Feed? / Coker Singing