Pertinent Information


At Check-in, each Unit should bring: 

  • Troop Roster (2 Copies)
  • Troop Insurance
  • Troop Tour Permit
  • Medical Forms and Personal Medications
  • Fees Paid in Full
  • 2 or more registered Adult Leaders

Sunday Upon arrival:

Camp opens for check in at 2:00 pm and we ask that each Unit park in the main parking lot during this time. Scoutmaster should be on hand, during and after registration, to supervise Scouts during move-in. The Camp Tour will be given by your Troop Guide, * this will include  visit to the health lodge, swim check, finding complete paperwork and other administrative duties at Stallworth for the registration process. You may drive ONE vehicle to the campsite for unloading, at a time. No vehicles are allowed at campsites after 7:00 pm. The Sunday Night Orientation Meeting will include the Scoutmaster, Senior Patrol Leader, and First Year Camper’s Meetings. Do NOT go to campsite until Scoutmaster verifies campsite assignment, and your troop guide has given you a tour of Camp Coker.

Saturday Checkout Procedure:

At 7:30 am we will have breakfast at the Dining Hall. One Scoutmaster reports to Medical Lodge for Medical Records. The Scoutmaster must then supervise the Scouts preparing to leave the campsite. The Unit’s Troop Guide will be on hand to inspect the campsite. No units are to leave their campsites without clearance. Failure to obtain clearance from the Camp Director or Program Director will result in a $100.00 cleaning and/ or administrative fee. Unit may park ONE vehicle at the campsite for loading and moving Troop trailer. Troop Advancement records will be ready by 5 pm Friday at the training center.

* Your Troop Guide will be assigned the same campsite all summer long, so that they will be thoroughly familiar with all discrepancies in the site. Any damage to the cots, tents, or other items provided by Camp Coker, will be charged to the unit for repair or replacement. Your Troop Guide will have a Check-In list when you arrive at camp.

Camp Swim Tests

No pre camp swim tests will be accepted.

Special Note:

As soon as registration, picture, swim check, and tour, all Scouts and leaders go directly to the Aquatics area for their swim test, after camp gear is secured at campsite. Campsite set up should take place after swim checks have been completed.