First Class Camp Gadget

Putting the Skills into Action

Putting the Skills into Action

For first year Scouts and for those who would benefit from a solid refresher, our Trailblazers program covers camping-related requirements from Tenderfoot through First Class, presented by a large and experienced staff of veteran Scouters. With continual opportunities to experience how to get things done within the context of the patrol method, this is a no nonsense, individualized attention approach to those basic woodcraft skills with which every First Class Scout should be well-acquainted. Each skill is presented, learned, and experienced hands on, and the Scout will be able to demonstrate his mastery during activities that incorporate its use in a genuine camp setting.

In addition to meeting specific rank requirements, with their honest acquisition of the basic outdoor Scouting skills, Scouts will have a broadened capacity to contribute to their unit’s ability to shine ever-more brightly on their camping trips.

In addition to their Trailblazers program, Scouts can possibly schedule two merit badge classes.